The WinMan Volleyball Club is a non profit organization serving the volleyball community in Manitoba, Canada.  We take great pride in developing volleyball in our province.  We have three volunteer directors who dedicate countless hours to developing the game of volleyball, supporting aspiring young athletes, and empowering our coaching leaders in our community.

Club Director

Tim Au

Coach Biography

Assistant Club Director

Sharlene Keenas

Coach Biography

Director At Large

Colin McDonald


Our 2022 Coaching Community

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12U Boys & Girls – Mighty Mites Program

Tim Au – Head Coach   

Eden Scherger – Assistant Coach

Sarah Klassen – Assistant Coach

Alyssa Desrosiers-Schneider – Assistant Coach


Josh Klassen

Evan Turenne

Lindsey Habib



13U Girls (1 Team)

Makenna Wyryha

Kamryn Sigvaldason

Holly Feschuk

13U Boys (1-2 Teams)

Tim Au – Head Coach        

Kevin Jaworski – Head Coach       

14U Girls (1 team)

Emil Oquendo – Head Coach

Dean Pfeifer – Assistant Coach

Oceanna Clarke – Assistant Coach

14U Boys (2 teams)

Now Taking Applications for Coaches


15U Girls (1 team)

Taylor Nault – Head Coach          

Cassidy Drabyk – Assistant Coach

Jayda Nault – Assistant Coach


15U Boys (2 teams)

Kelly Bowen – Head Coach             

Josh Kjarsgaard – Assistant coach


Now Seeking Applications for 2nd team Head Coach

16U Girls (1 team)

Tanis Catellier – Head Coach

Ashlie Ducharme – Assistant Coach

Chris Dasch – Assistant Coach

16U Boys (2 teams)

Christine Rewniak – Head Coach    

Drew Duncan – Head Coach 

Max Borys – Assistant Coach

Paolo Racano – Assistant Coach


17U Girls (1 team)

Alexa Popovich – Head Coach

Haley Peters – Assistant Coach

17U Boys (1 team)

Austin Coombes – Head Coach      

Matt Campbell – Assistant Coach


18U Girls (1 team)

Lindsey Habib – Head Coach    

Samantha Drabyk – Assistant Coach

James Calgie – Assistant Coach

Richard Girouard – Assistant Coach

18U Boys (1 team)

Dustin Ross – Head Coach

Nick Pollock – Assistant Coach