Our Club

WinMan is …

The WinMan Volleyball Club (WVC) is a non-profit organization that aims to promote the sport of volleyball in Winnipeg and its surrounding area. The WVC is an elite club designed to offer high quality skill instruction and provide opportunities for our athletes to develop and compete at a high level.

The past achievements of our club and its coaches speak volumes for its success. We pride ourselves on all the athletes who have been part of our club format.

WinMan Dedication

The WinMan Volleyball Club is an organization dedicated to training elite-level players in the best possible environment with the goal to further their futures in the sport.

WinMan Commitment

1)      Provide a high level of training with prominent coaches in local facilities on a regular basis. The latest and most up-to-date volleyball techniques will be employed to train the athlete to ensure the most efficient and maximum growth possible.

2)      Provide athletes with tournament competition in both Provincial and National events. These will include 4-5 local tournaments as well as Provincial and National championships.

3)      Provide opportunities for exposure and self-promotion through a program where university coaches have exposure to the athlete for future post-secondary opportunities. We embrace the ability to showcase (through the coaches network) athletes who would like to pursue University opportunities. Providing travel and high-level competition opportunities is one of our goals.

4)      Provide athletes and their families with a first class program with the added bonus to develop friendships, camaraderie, and positive life-experiences.

WinMan Recognizes

The WVC recognizes the use of athletics as a vehicle through which youth are able to enhance self-esteem, self-confidence, learn positive attitudes and values, teamwork, fundamental life skills, and cooperation. These elements are very important for any young individual to be successful in life and we will employ these elements throughout our training.

WinMan Encourages

The WVC also encourages a strong family atmosphere and will provide athletes and their families the opportunity to join an organization where dedicated coaching staff strives to encourage the growth and development of young volleyball players physically, technically, tactically, and mentally.

We encourage parental involvement and feedback in the club’s activities to maximize the overall experience.

WinMan Season

Our season runs from December to June. In addition to the objectives stated previously, our club will provide the athletes with the following:

All our staff work on a volunteer basis and we strive to keep costs as minimal as possible. We seek fundraising opportunities throughout the year and aim to provide our athletes with the most positive experience possible with a limited budget. Additional costs to the above will be needed for travel and accommodations during out of province competitions.