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WinMan Building Community

The WinMan Volleyball Club believes in community building, celebrating, and promoting our athletes. Annually, we take pride in recognizing the amazing athletes who develop their skills within the WinMan community.

In 2009, The WinMan Volleyball Club made the decision to make available a scholarship for up to two graduating students that have been involved in the WinMan Volleyball Club program. The recipient(s) will receive $500.00 to use towards their post secondary studies. WinMan believes in building better athletes and better people – a culture of excellence. We strongly believe that this community award will support our beliefs.

For a list of criteria – Click here for more info

WinMan Scholarship Application – Online

Name of Applicant
Home Address:
Postal Code:
Home Phone Number
Cell Phone Number
EDUCATIONAL EXPERIENCE List the schools you are enrolled in (present and future)
High School
Post Second.
WINMAN EXPERIENCE List Each Year Played and Name of Coach EXAMPLE: YEAR 2016 COACH: ELLISON
Year / Coach
VOLUNTEER AND LEADERSHIP EXPERIENCES Please describe your experiences in the following settings:
FUTURE ENDEAVOURS Describe your goals in the following areas:
REFERENCES Provide the following information for each reference: Full Name & Phone Number
TELL US WHY IT SHOULD BE YOU Why do you deserve this scholarship? What sets you apart from all other applicants?
Why you?:
APPLICATION DUE DATE: June 1st Mail a copy of your TRANSCRIPT to: WinMan Volleyball Club 15 Evelyne Reese Blvd Winnipeg, MB R3X 2G9

Scholarship Award Recipients

To Date, WinMan has awarded $12,000 to student athletes who have demonstrated extraordinary leadership and citizenship in their school and community, in order to assist with their post secondary studies.

2021 – Rylan Armstrong

2021 – Gavin Buhler

2020 – Jordyn Dilk

2019 – Kyra Dyck

2019 – Erik Wiebe

2019 – Kalen Reyes

2018 – Kayla Wandowich

2018 – Gideon Dresser

2017- Mathieu Lavoie

2017 – Carter Hofer

2016- Serge Girouard


2015 – Seth Friesen


2015- Sydney Booker


2014 – Brooke Mitchell


2014 – Amelia Duncan


2013 – Josh Goosen

goose small

2013 – David Bommersbach


2012 – Josee Lavoie

josee 2012 recipient

2011 – Carly Vanderhooft


2011 – Keith Parsons


2010 – Tanci Smart-Carvalho

warm up t-shirt 2010

2010 – Mike Boni

warm up t-shirt 2010

2009 – Hilary Balagus

Winman Scholarship Recipient Hilary B

2009 – Devin Schmidt

Devin Schmidt 2009