Frequently Asked Questions

What are the costs for the season?

WinMan is a non profit organization that is run by volunteers. With that being said, we often cannot calculate the costs for the upcoming season until costs from Volleyball Manitoba, Volleyball Canada, and gym rentals are finalized. We want to ensure that our costs are reflective of what it actually costs to play.

Our estimated costs for the 2022 season are $1230 for 13U and $1450 for 14-18U which includes uniforms, all tournament registration fees, Provincials registration, Nationals registration (14-18U), required coaches certifications, gym rentals, equipment, and team honorariums.

In addition to these fees, there are additional costs:

What days of the week do you practice and where?

With a club of our size, we organize the schedules based on a variety of factors such as coaches availability and gym availability. Generally, we practice 2-3X a week. So a Mon-wed-thurs, mon-tues-thurs, or a combination of those days plus a Saturday morning or Sunday afternoon is not uncommon. Most of our practices are in gymnasiums that are located in the River East Transcona School Division.  Additionally, we have had permits in the Louis Riel School Division and Seven Oaks School Division. At this current time we are not yet able to book these facilities due to COVID-19, and will be looking at other facilities.

Are there weekly games or a league that you play in?

There is no league but there could be opportunities for some weekday tournaments. Most tournaments occur on a Friday, Saturday and sometimes a Sunday.

How many tournaments do you participate in?

Our teams participate in 4-5 local tournaments and it is up by the coaches and team if they wish to travel to Brandon for a tournament. We send all of our teams to the National Championships unless an age category team collectively, with the WinMan Executive, decides that it is not in the best interest of the athletes and team.

Do you compete in Provincial Championships?

Yes, we compete in Provincials every year. The registration fee is included with registrations. Additional travel costs are not included if Provincials are not in the city.

Are there any bursaries available for low/middle income families?

WinMan has an adopt an athlete program for athletes and families to apply who may require financial assistance. We also offer support with applications to outside organizations.

What do your tryouts look like?

The tryouts are 2-3 sessions in length, where coaches evaluate athletes for their teams. Athletes are guaranteed the first two tryouts sessions.  Unsuccessful athletes will be released after the second tryout and will be notified via letter, email , website post, or a phone call.  When planning tryouts we encourage all athletes and parents to research all club options.  We invite you to visit the Volleyball Manitoba website to get an indication of how many volleyball clubs there are for your son or daughter with respect to their age category.

Do you organize fundraising opportunities?

As a club, we organize one club wide fundraising opportunity. Individual teams are encouraged to organize fundraising opportunities and our club will offer support with your team efforts.  It is important to note, all fundraising is optional and monies raised go towards the individual athlete who fundraised.