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WinMan Community HomeRun HeroWinMan Community HomeRun Hero

WinMan Volleyball Club believes in community building, celebrating, and promoting our athletes. We presently have a WinMan Scholarship award and would like an additional award that offers support for the criteria we ask of all our scholarship applicants. WinMan believes in building better athletes and better people – a culture of excellence. We strongly believe that this community award will support our beliefs.

Award Criteria:

From January to April, athletes will have an opportunity to submit a brief ONLINE application outlining what they are presently doing in their community to make it a better place. A brief explanation of their volunteerism is expected. Each submission must be complete and all sections must be filled out. All applications are due at the end of April.  Once the application deadline closes, a selection committee will look at each submission and recipients will be notified by email or phone. The committee will collectively decide which applicants (male or female) have influenced their community in the most meaningful way.


Each recipient will receive a $200 gift certificate from HomeRun Sports sponsored by HomeRun Sports and WinMan Volleyball Club. Our WinMan male or female recipients, if deemed to be a Community Hero, will be recognized at the end of May. Names of the WinMan Community HomeRun Heroes along with their pictures will be celebrated on the WinMan Volleyball Club website with our sponsors clearly visible on the post.

Athlete Name:*
Age Category*
Tell us why you deserve to be celebrated as the WinMan Community HomeRun Hero?*
How many hours do you volunteer in a month?*
Name the organization/group and describe the type of volunteer work you do in your community.*

2015 Recipients

Zach Janzen & Serge Girouard
Serge and Zach Community HomeRun Heroes 2015