The WinMan Volleyball Club is a non profit organization serving the volleyball community in Manitoba, Canada.  We take great pride in developing volleyball in our province.  We have three volunteer directors who dedicate countless hours to developing the game of volleyball, supporting aspiring young athletes, and empowering our coaching staff.

Our 2017 Coaching Community

12U Boys & Girls – Mighty Mites Program

Tim Au – Head Coach

Tim is a fully certified Level 3 coach; a NCCP Course instructor, and is involved…

Austin Pauls – Assistant Coach

Kendra Bommersbach – Assistant Coach

Mathieu Lavoie – Assistant Coach

Alyssa Fedyck- Assistant Coach


13U Boys (2 teams)

John Olfert – Head Coach

John is Level 2 certified (NCCP), and continues to mature as a coach through seminars …

Ben Theriault – Co- Coach

Kieran Derksen – Co-Coach

Luke Derksen – Co-Coach

13U Girls (1 teams)

Ashlie Ducharme – Head Coach

Janine Hunt – Assistant Coach

Stephanie Hunt – Assistant Coach

14U Girls (1 team)

Tanis Catellier – Head Coach

Tanis is a fully certified Level 2 NCCP volleyball coach. Over the last 16 years she has coached…

Toni Kabulak – Assistant Coach

Toni has been involved in the sport of volleyball for many years as a player and as a coach.

Sean Black – Assistant Coach

14U Boys (2 teams)

Greg McKnight – Head Coach – Coaching Background

Andrew Hector – Assistant Coach

Serge Girouard – Assistant Coach

Arnd Ludwig – Head Coach – Coaching Background

Luke Olfert – Assistant Coach

15U Boys (2 teams)

Scott Naujoks – Head Coach – Coaching Background

Richard Naujoks – Assistant Coach

Jeremy Stubler – Head Coach – Coaching Background

Christian Macdonald – Assistant Coach

15U Girls (1 team)

Evan Turenne – Head Coach 

Evan is a certified Level 2 coach with the NCCP. “There is nothing more satisfying …

Samantha Drabyk – Assistant Coach

Stacey Malech – Assistant Coach

16U Boys (2 teams)

Russ Harder – Head Coach

Russ has been involved in volleyball as a player and coach for 34 years. He says he …

Zack Diboll – Assistant Coach

Patrick Flaten – Assistant Coach

Matt Stubler – Head Coach – Coaching Background

Matt Schriemer – Assistant Coach

Derek Miller – Assistant Coach

16U Girls (1 team)

Dave Brandt – Head Coach

Brianne Collette – Assistant Coach

Katie Reeves – Assistant Coach

17U Girls (1 team)

Leanne Leskiw – Head Coach

Kendra Bommersbach – Assistant Coach

Amelia Duncan – Assistant Coach

17U Boys (2 teams)

Lindsey Habib – Head Coach 

Lindsey has been involved in the sport of volleyball for the past 12 years …

Richard Girouard – Assistant Coach

Karl Zborowsky  – Assistant Coach 

In the past he has coached a variety of levels ranging from …

Wayne Sigurdson – Head Coach – Coaching Background

J.P. Perron – Assistant Coach

18U Boys (1 team)

Jon Labun – Head Coach

Jon’s coaching philosophy has been shaped by the many coaches that invested in him as young athlete. Jon believes that sport is …

Larry McKay – Assistant Coach

Ian Livingston – Assistant Coach

Saul Shrom – WinMan Performance Psychology Consultant 

He places great emphasis on the growth mindset and loves seeing how the performance psychology techniques …