The WinMan Volleyball Club is a non profit organization serving the volleyball community in Manitoba, Canada.  We take great pride in developing volleyball in our province.  We have three volunteer directors who dedicate countless hours to developing the game of volleyball, supporting aspiring young athletes, and empowering our coaching leaders in our community.

Our 2019 Coaching Community

12U Boys & Girls – Mighty Mites Program

Tim Au – Head Coach

Tim is a fully certified Level 3 coach; a NCCP Course instructor, and is involved…

Kendra Bommersbach – Assistant Coach

Amelia Duncan- Assistant Coach

Alyssa Desrochers-Schneider – Assistant Coach

Kayla Wandowich- Assistant Coach



John Olfert –

Josh Klassen –

Evan Turenne –


13U Boys (2 Teams)

Christine Rewniak – Head Coach

Christine has won two Provincial Championships at the club level and has also won three AAAA High School Provincial Championships with …

Kelly Bowen – Head Coach

Kelly has over 15 years of coaching experience… 

13U Girls (1 team)

Alexa Popovich – Head Coach

Alexa believes the atmosphere surrounding the team should be positive and encouraging especially in such a fundamental based age group…

14U Girls (1 team)

Ashlie Ducharme – Head Coach

Ashlie is looking forward to improving not only the skill development of every athlete, but as well as personal development…

14U Boys (2 teams)

Jon Labun – Head Coach

Jon believes that sport is not just about developing the mind and body, but is also an opportunity where athletes can develop a positive self-image …

15U Boys (2 teams)

Lorriann Ludwig – Head Coach

Lorriann is a former U of M Bison volleyball player where she was part of 2 CIS national gold medal and 3 bronze medal teams…

15U Girls (1 team)

Leanne Leskiw – Head Coach

I coach young women to be fierce and to know that it is okay to be a competitive woman …

16U Boys (2 teams)

Arnd (Lupo) Ludwig – Head Coach

Lupo is a top notch individual who lives for the sport of volleyball and helping people develop…

16U Girls (1 team)

17U Girls (1 team)

Evan Turenne – Head Coach 

17U Boys (1 team)


18U Boys (1 team)

Russ Harder – Head Coach